What makes for a good striptease for men.  Ladies listen up and we will give you the secrets.

  1. Set the mood, turn off the TV, dim the lights, let the hair go wild.  It doesn’t matter what clothes you have on, right now..
  2. Have you man sit down on the couch, move the coffee table, put on the right music he likes, not too loud.
  3. Make eye contact, in your mind, know that you want him.  You body will behave.
  4. Just rip the buttons off the shirt, or just pull it over your head and then straddle his lap.
  5. Yes, we do like to look at your pussy, yes, we do like it when you just place it in our face.
  6. While straddling his lap, you may notice his cock getting aroused, don’t, don’t make fun of it, laugh, or mention it, just start thrusting your hips on top of it.
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