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Hey! Sasha is Totally NUDE

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Runtime: 11mins

Sasha long hair makes for exciting pole events.  Imagine what you can do with that hair, pull it back, arched back, you in control. Next up with the hot bods is Sasha. This girls got a banging bod going on and she is one hell of a white girl stripper. This stripshow coming up right after DJ makes his entrance.

Sashas hot bod steps up on stage with a full length vine tattoo from her hips and curves around her boobs. We can also see some other tattoos near her mons venus, or pussy mound. Perhaps we will get to see this more in full later in this stripper video. Sasha goes to the pole and starts stroking the pole, she is trying to get the grease or cleaner down, which means she is going to be a pole dancer. He long hair extends out 4 feet when she turns it, it may be a liability as that hair can get tangled up in your performance.

She gets started and her body moves are simply very seductive, just those moves alone can give a guy a boner. She shows off her ass tweaking for a bit and then starts up and wraps her long legs on the pole and flips upside down and starts to turn quickly, and then spins it up. Sasha doesn’t seem to like things slow, fast and hard. She quickly climbs up to the top and spins full speed on the pole. Using just her arms, she pulls her body away from the pole and walks on air, thats right, walks on air. Her hot body is still banging away.

She takes off her top and shows off her fine boobies, while bending over, she grabs the pole and does a reverse pole entrance and starts to spin around, with her hair on the ground. The judges start spending the money on that trick. She puts her bod back to the stage and gives us the butt clap, with her hair in covering her ass cleft.

Sasha gets ready to mount the pole again and this time a new move we havent seen yet, an arch spin, but she isn’t done, she moves to the top and gives more of a spin and then uses her thighs and holds herself up upside down with just the thighs, no hands and plants her feet on the ceiling. You do not realize the danger this type of move is, as it takes just one slippery spot on that pole and she will come crashing down onto the stage.

She lowers herself slowly back to the stage and starts to remove her bikini bottom to expose her fully nude hot bod. This girls got one hell of a body. Not a single flaw on it. She starts to seductively tease the judges now. She gets into the music and just shows off her experience to the crew. She gives us the splits and shows the judges that inner beauty. The arching, the hair, the stage, the glitter, she is just damn hot to keep on typing.

Sasha gives us a butt clap and then back onto the pole for the splits and gives us an upside down chair spin and then climbs up the pole upside down. This is something we have seen and she then wants the speed and starts spinning crazy fast. This pole dancer is giving us a heart attack. The excitement she brings is crazy. The judges are now spending the cash like it is water. Sasha gives them a doggie performance to encourage them to spend more.

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