Ladies Outside Performing on a Stripper Pole


Stripper Pole Dancing Party powered by YouPorn.

The crew of (NSFW link) spent the day at an outdoor stripping show at a location called Ponderosa.  They have built an outdoor stage complete with two 12′ high brass stripper pole.  There is no protection for the girls, if they drop, they hit the stage.

Up on stage first is a beach dyed blonde, and we mean beach dyed.  She starts up on the pole and drops to the ground, goes doggie style and shows off her arching back to us.  Very fine lady.  She gets up and removes her bikini top which exposes her tits.  We do support the idea of suntan lotion to keep those boobs from getting sunburnt.  She walks over to the second pole and performs a little trick.  She has on a red thong, which might come off with the right encouragement.  She drops down on the pole, positions herself in such as way to use the pole as a neck brace , lifts up her legs and slips off the red thong.  Yes, we have her fully nude now.  While on the ground she shows up her pussy for us to view, followed up by the popular face down, ass up and spreads her ass.

Next up on the stage is a dark hair brunette with 10″ spiked heels and support large TIT’s, they are huge.  She must be carrying 10 pounds each on these melons.  She is wearing a leopard skin bikini.  She doesn’t get on the pole but the camera guy gets distracted by several other girls in the background.  Need to train the camera guy better.  The brunette removes her top and gets on the second pole, up high and gives us the walk around, while extending her body from the pole.  She slides back down on the stage  and once again the camera guy finds other nude ladies in the crowd.

We now get off on a red/black hair girl that looks to dominate the world.  She climbs up to the top of the pole and gives us a flag pole move and that pole is going to bend, she worms down the pole back to the stage, and worms back up the pole.  She gives up few tricks and removes her top.  She has some excellent tits and removes her entire outfit, she is completely nude, and she then goes up the pole, and once again the camera guy forgets who is important and phases off.  She climbs up the other pole and gives up a few more moves, followed by a forward mount and flips out to show off her pussy.

[quote_left]Camera Guys get confused as to what to shoot[/quote_left]

Next up is a ebony stripper who starts working the pole and gets the crowd building up in excitement.  Followed then by a slow moving dark brown hair lady with an amazing split style and big melons.  She has on fishnet leggings and massive long legs.

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