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Runtime: 10mins

In this stripping video, Nya, a black hair cutie, starts up the competition round at Club Hush.  Being first adds the pressure of putting on a show and sets the rest of the evening as the following competitors must step up their game.

Tonight Crystal introduces the beginning of Americas Top Stripper, winner take all $5,000 cash prize. Season one brings us to Tampa Fl, at the luscious Club Hush location, at the strip club capital of the world. Lets go down to Buckwheat o’Tay, standing by at Club Hush.

Buckwheat takes the stage and introduces us to the Judges, Ian Beckles from Sports Radio and former pro football player, and next to him is the lovely Delilah Strong, Jean Ass lover, she’s an adult film star, she has been in over 400 adult videos. Next up is Lil’Bo, he is the CEO of Xo Entertainment.

We now bring up to the stage on Americas Top Stripper, the first set of ladies up to the stage for introductions, So judges, don’t just spend all your money, you need to be careful of how much you spend. Also included is the Club Hush Golden Ticket, this is the automatic ticket to the finals for the ladies. When you present this ticket, that performer goes to the finals.

Lets bring up to the stage, Nya, get your bills ready to go. Nya comes to the stage and starts to give the pole an immediate work out. She uses one leg to hold herself up, then moves to the floor and and shows off her legs to the judges. Delilah starts to pass out the cash, followed by Ian Beckles, with Lil Bo holding onto the cash. Nya repositions herself into an upside down egyptian pose, where Lil Bo pass out the money. Nya goes back and works up the pole and spreads the legs and while upside down she holds herself up with nothing but her arms. Her legs pull herself back up to the top of the pole and slides down and gives the judges a booty bounce where Delilah just passes out the dough. Lil Bo not to be outdone gives up 5 bucks. Nya goes from headstand onto the pole and pulls herself up to the top with just her thighs, as she comes back down from the pole, removes her top and shows us her fine boobies, followed up with a leg spread and the doggie style booty bounce and gives us her arch.

Onto song two, Nya moves back to the pole, climbs up and gives us a show from the very top, uses the upper rafters to start to spin. So brings herself down from the spin and into a split from the pole, oh, my that might hurt. Next she gives us the slam with her ankles onto the floor while on her back. Moves to the judges corner and gives up a headstand while Delilah feeds her pussy with cash. Nya starts bouncing her ass onto the judges few and shakes it up. Nya moves back to the pole and spins upside down, to the bottom and back into getting the cash from the judges with her awesome doggie style arching. She moves to the Ian and gives up a headstand on he nuts. Ian is getting his nuts whacked by Nya with her head. Delilah feeds more dollars to keep it onto going. Nya then moves to Lil Bo and attempts to get him to spend more of his money, but Lil Bo just is too stingy to let it go.

Onto the Judges and what they have to say about her performance. Ian is liken the energy and the booty bouncing, he loves the booty bouncing, while Delilah is say, smile more and she loves her ass. Nya is totally worn out, Lil Bo has never seen some of the moves before.

Club Venue

Club Hush
Tampa Fl


Delilah Strong
Ian Beckles
Lil Bo

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