Bugatti the Exotic Dancer ?


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Runtime: 8mins

Up next, in our exotic dancer videos, we have Bugatti. Bugatti is an female exotic dancer, not to be confused with the cars, which are known for their design beauty. You can see how car designs are infused by the curves of exotic dancers.

DJ introduces Bugatti to the stage, she’s setup onto the stage with that exotic look that we haven’t seen in this competition and she immediately goes onto the pole and starts to spin. Bugatti makes her entrance from the opposite end of the stage then the other girls. She has on a very seductive black outfit that just covers her body perfectly.

She does a spinning drop from the pole and gives a butt tweak performance, those checks just bounce up and clenches hard. She then climbs back up the pole with her strong arms and performs several spins. Her long black hair flows from behind and whips back into place.

Bugatti’s exotic legs then start flexing and pulsating as she has her back arched just right to make you want to stand up behind her and support her up. Bugatti’s takes a few spins on the pole and slides back down the stage and gets on all fours. This exotic dancer starts thrusting in various poses while on the stage. She flexes her massive ass checks, strong checks they are. Then she tries to wow the judges, but they seem to be uninspired, Delilah drops a dollar bill on the stage. It seems that Bugatti, just cannot make the judges notice her, after all she was on after the other intense exotic dancers.

Bugatti moves to the other spinner pole to perform a wrap spin, she is hovering about 6” off the floor, but again, the judges just don’t seem very inspired by her performance. Bugatti’s main skill seems to be the butt cheek lift, but there is a lot of talent in this competition. The crowd is seeming to be board on her also, as they are at the bar getting their drinks refilled. Bugatti just cannot get any traction in this show. Americas Top Stripper should have installed a stop button, but when watching the girls you really are waiting for them to suddenly break out.

Bugatti completes her routine, Ian thinks she has the nicest butt in the building, the butt clap could be heard around the room, but overall, Delilah says she was just sexy, and Lil Bo wants to touch her butt.

Club Venue

Club Hush
Tampa Fl


Delilah Strong
Ian Beckles
Lil Bo

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