Apple and Tootie, 2 girls with big black booty


Hey! Apple and Tootie are performing together

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Runtime: 14mins

This is a special dance edition of America’s Top Stripper as both Apple and Tootie will make it to the stage and perform a dual.

Next up for your viewing pleasure is the delicious Apple. Apple with her fine black booty pounces up the stage and starts to spin around on the pole while walking backwards. She is supported by just her arms. She is wearing a bedazzled bikini top and g-string.

Her amazing strong arms start up the pole and lifts her entire legs up and down on the pole effortless. She then wraps up with one leg and starts to show her booty bouncing and then up to the top of the pole and uses the rafters to help spin. She gives a booty bounce while on the top of the pole. Then flips over and does the splits vertically on the pole. She is then on the stage giving you a show on how well she can do the splits before rolling over and headstand back onto the pole. Using her ass checks she pulls herself up and stands using just her ass cheeks. She then climbs back up and using just the back of her knees performs dangers moves on the pole and Lil Bo finally spends some money.

Now comes up Tootie to the stage. Tootie has on a bikini top that supports her sports team, the Giants. Total is tattooed up all over in areas of her body. She starts up with a upside down pole trick that will make you go Wow, followed then by a pole wrap and spin. Moving over to the pole drop and wow, Delilah spends out the cash. Tootie gives you some more pole moves with her amazing strength and climbs upside down and has a very unique way of coming down. Tooties shoe laces are coming undone as she then leaps into Lil Bo’s lap and he passes off the dough. She moves back to the center of the stage and shows off her ability to spread her legs, then it’s back on the pole, with a pussy slam split pole, and then Delilah goes crazy and just throws out the cash. She has just spent $20,000 dollars onto Tootie.

We now will double team the stage with Toote and Apple. Both black females goes up the pole and start showing how the Look at me, I am better. One on the pole then the other on the stage with the booty shake going on. Tootle’s ass is so fine that you want to bounce quarters off of it. Now the girls go up on one pole at the same time. Thank goodness Club Hush didn’t skimp on the construction of these poles. Tootie is on top and starts humping Apple until she falls down. The girls are back to working separate poles, fighting for you viewing attention. You get so horned up, you don’t know which one to watch as they are both so fine. Now they move to the center stage and start trying to get the judges to spend more money. Only Ian has money left as Delilah just tossed it all out. Lil Bo is looking like he really wants to leave with one of the girls.

So Apple and Tootie go to hear what the judges have to say. Ian’s heart rate is pounding and he thinks they are blessed, he is completely speechless. Delilah loves ass and she loves the ass, while Lil Bo wants to get married. While Tootie goes to the Finals.

Club Venue

Club Hush
Tampa Fl


Delilah Strong
Ian Beckles
Lil Bo

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