Anya Audition, shes a Contortionist


Hey! Anya wants to get naked for you

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Runtime: 10mins

Our next stripping videos is about Anya, this girl will bend and contoured herself in so many ways that you have to see it to believe it.  You wonder how it would feel if she was naked on you, cause the judges are completely woahed by her.

After sweeping the stage for all the money that was made, we now are going to introduce Anya. Delilah is counting how much money she has left after just a single dance. It seems that Delilah needs to learn how to manage her cash otherwise like most guys, she will find out the fun ends after the cash dries up.

Bringing up to the stage is Anya, she is a contortionist exotic dancer. This girl is about to show you how freaky some strippers are when they are competing for a cash prize of $5000 dollars. Anya steps up wearing a simple white teddy and goes right to the pole and her long brown hair is flowing all over. This girls hair is down below her ass line. This is the type of girl that you can do her doggie style and grab that hair and control the ride. From the pole she moves down to the stage and shows us a little about her curves.

Now she moves over to the second pole and grabs onto the spinning pole. She uses her arm strength and pulls herself up and over onto the pole. Gives it a few spins and settles back down to the floor, where she rolls over onto her head and has her ass up. She removes her teddy upside down and exposes her breasts with hard nipples and does a back flip to get to her feet. Buckwheat is excited over that move.

She then moves back to the other pole and shows us how flexible she is doing the splits. Ian Beckles is the first to toss out the money after Anya gets on the floor and brings her one leg behind her head. Oh my god, Ian is freaked out. Her entire leg is behind her head leave her pussy out open to the view. The money is now being tossed out. Anya decides to step is up a notch and show the judges that can she put both legs behind her head, while sitting up. Oh my, this is too freaky. Once her legs are behind her head, Anya moves back and has her back on the ground, this is as weird as midget porn. She is now moving into a spider move and walking on her hands. She walks this way over to Delilah and stuffs bills down her massive breast and starts blowing in her ears and soon starts licking her breasts. Anya then moves over to the pole, does a backbend and onto the pole.

This is totally freak out, she now moves into split positions onto the pole and almost loses it., back up to the top and gives us some flexible moves. She then moves onto the rafter of the building and does a drop to the ground landing doing just the splits. Lil Bo just drops his cash and looks to be amazed. Anya then starts showing her self in doggie poses, and then moves to Ian to give him a dollar bill and whispers something in his ear, then onto Lil Bo and gives him a dollar and pulls it back out.

Onto the the second dance and have Anya give out her g-string and now we have her all open and she gives us how she would fuck you. You gotta watch this to find out. She can show you all the amazing body poses that we guys would just pay to have wrapped around us.

Anya is one amazing exotic dancer that excites us.

Club Venue

Club Hush
Tampa Fl


Delilah Strong
Ian Beckles
Lil Bo

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Anya Audition, shes a Contortionist

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