Mileys Sex Tape

Mileys Sex tape


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Being famous has its moments, for Miley she is enjoying all the hard cock that she can handle.

As you notice her moves, arching back and her legs looking so smooth, she diverts your attention around her different body parts.  You notice her inner thighs, her under boobs, her side boobs as well as her well formed ass.  She turns around and shows you up her skirt and you just want to rush in and pull that body onto yours.  But she pushes you off and wants you to wait.[quote_left]She loves cock[/quote_left]

She gets on the top of the table and starts to remove her top exposing her big breasts, all you want to do is move in closer, but you enjoy the view to much to wreck it.  She repositions herself and removes her bikini and you now see that she is freshly shaven.  You want to munch on her pussy mound, you want to taste her juices flowing.  She spreads her legs apart and shows you what you really want.

You want to be going her, you want to feel her exotic body next to yours.  You want to experience her like you read in erotic novels or in other adult videos.  She looks at you, your eyes are locked, she motions you closer, you give in.

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