Hollywood Totally Exposed – Week of July 4

Whitney St John bares on for 300 rise of an empire


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Whitney St John exposes all on Hollywood XPosed

First up we have “300 Rise of an empire” without leader Gerard Butler, but we are more interested in Eva Green, and she has the most perfect breast that will make any empire rise and salute her.

Clicking over to cable and featuring on Showtime is Masters of Sex, with new episodes on Sundays at 10pm ET/PT, and once again Lizzy Caplan as she shows off her sexuality in this feature for the sake of research.  Some of us guys would become test subjects with her.

While out looking for DVD’s you should look at Enemy, not because it features Jake Gyllenhaal, but for Melanie Laurant, as she has a long history of movie nudity and with Enemy, she is again not making friends with Morality in Media.  Melanie bares it all as she gets on top and rides the waves of pleasure getting revenge.

Also out is HBO’s True Blood, more hot naked steamy vampires, and the season opener has double the scenes for your lust.

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