The best sexy striptease in America

America’s Top Stripper has produced its own stripper competition video series and we are scouring the internet for videos of strippers of hot bod women and some of the best ebony booty. We have the best nude pole dancing found on the planet featuring Vayda Kiss, Layla and Tootie.  Our girls are not giving lap dances online, you gotta head out to the strip club.  Enjoy our hot bod girls and then head out to the club and remember to Make it Rain !

stripping videovideo

Runtime: 15mins Nya, this black hair cutie, starts up the competition round at Club Hush. Being first adds the pressure of putting on a show and sets the rest of the evening as the following competitors must step up their game.

Runtime: 12mins Give it up for Anya, this girl will bend and contoured herself in so many ways that you have to see it to believe it. You wonder how it would feel if she was naked on you.

Runtime: 8mins, Next up in the exotic dancer videos is Bugatti. She is based on the famous car that bears the same name, but is she as sexy ?
marley striptease audition videovideo

Runtime: 12mins Marley is the Puerto Rican island babe that you just want to have in the sand with you. She shows us why the island girls make us spend our cash when visiting the tropics
vayda kiss audition performancevideo

Runtime: 13mins Vadya Kiss gave up a WOW factor during her exotic dancer audition. She comes in the style of burlesque dancing, and shows the difference between a stripper and an exotic dancer.
sasha auditionvideo

Runtime:11mins Sasha is one of the hot bods stripper, her long hair makes for exciting pole events. Imagine what you can do with that hair, pull it back, arched back, you in control, its your remote, love the live stripper videos



Club Hush Stripper Videos Audition Day 2

anika stripper audition videovideo

Runtime: 10mins Anika is another feature on our hot strippers videos. In this video of strippers Anika steps into the stage topless, showing she has nothing to fear. Starting out DJ introduces Anika to the stage. She has very a small tattoo on her hips, and small boobies that you can play with me.
blonde strippervideo

Runtime: 7mins While she may have had a tangle from the hunters, Bambi is out of the forest and out on the stage to show you what became of her. She it one that you want to experience all over again as you find out in our erotic videos

Runtime: 9mins This girl has the best ass you can bury your face in. Chasity just knows that and loves to tease you with that ass. Shes got a big booty, fine booty, shakin rump booty, Chasity is a black female stripper that will show you a good time.
ivette bikini strippervideo

Runtime:12mins Ivette is the tough girl that talks back to your shit. She can climb that pole and twist it around till it hurts.

Runtime: 12mins This girl is named Apple. I would love to bite on that. The doctor told it is good to have an apple a day.
allie stripper auditionvideo

Runtime: 11mins This girl next door is named Allie. She is the girl that you wanted to make out with in your parents basement at night. She is tender and soft and all just so right.

Mons Venus Stripper Video Finals

erotic video reesevideo

Runtime: 12mins The finals are underway and to begin it, we have Reese. Her erotic video attempts to seduce Courtney, does it work ?

Runtime: 9mins The competition heats up as Ivette brings more excitement to the stage, this time, with a smoke. And where this is smoke, there's Fire !
nude burlesquevideo

Runtime: 13mins This time Vayda Kiss brings the all out show, complete with candles, hot wax, neon glowing lotion. The stage manager spent 30 minutes cleaning up after her.
nude erotic dancervideo

Runtime: 12mins Confused on the season, so is Jenna, but that is ok, she can be my Mrs Santa Claus any time.
marley striptease audition videovideo

Runtime: 10mins Marley gets back on stage and works over Humpty Hump for all his hard earned cash. Humpty comes back to the producers to get more money.
big tata stripper videovideo

Runtime: 13mins Sydney legs go up there. All the way to the top. These legs are meant for wrapping around your neck. Watch Sydney use them and onto Delilah she goes.
tessa stripper videovideo

Runtime: 11min Tessa was a last minute drop in by the producers, did anything happen to make this occur ? Tessa gives all that she can do outperform the others, but with the stakes so high, can she do it.
black stripper tootievideo

Runtime: 10mins Tootie was able to win over Ian and Lil Bo during the auditions, can she win over the hearts of Humpty Hump and Courtney. Watch her amazing pole skills that shook the house.
stripper video allievideo

Runtime: 12mins Allie became a judges favorite and now this cute blonde girl is going to attempt to take home the prize as Humpty just watches.
layla mons venus stripper videovideo

Runtime: 14mins Another long legged beauty, Layla. Layla was able to bypass the audition round due to special skills that she showed over the internet, the wowed the producers. She is now in the act, and lets see if she wows the judges.
winner of stripper videosvideo

Runtime: 8mins Who did the judges decide is America's Top Stripper, find out here.

Erotic Videos shot in a strip club

America’s Top Stripper judges includes Adult Film Star, Courtney Cummz.   

I want to play with my pussy

Courtney Cummz is still actively producing videos for your viewing pleasure.  Courtney has  10 naked ladies all trying to get her attention at the finals to win the $5000 cash prize